25 November, 2007

[Eat]Spoon and Chopsticks

▷ The Entrance of the Spoon and Chopsticks▷ Main Menu
▷ Table
▷ Looking at The Menu
▷ Covered Spoon and Chopsticks
▷ Before Eating

▷ After Eating

Korean Traditional Restaurant "Spoon and Chopsticks" has snug and quiet mood and has Korean traditional interior, so we think it is a good place that you can enjoy Korean traditional meals. We recommend that you’ll eat the Zeyouk-ddukbaeki (pork earthen bowl) and Haemool-ddukbaeki (seafoods earthen bowl). These tastes are good and you can refill side dishes and rice for free until you feel full. If you are hungry, go to the Spoon and Chopsticks. Then eat yourself heart’s content.


※ Zeyouk-ddukbaeki (Pork earthen bowl) : 7,000 won
Haemool-ddukbaeki (seafoods earthen bowl) : 7,000 won
※ Bean doenjang earthen bowl : 6,000 won
Uncurdled bean curd earthen bowl : 6,000 won

▷ Map of the Spoon and Chopsticks


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