24 November, 2007

Yongdusan Park

History of Yongdusan
 Yongdusan was a shantytown on Korean War, but because of a huge fire on Dec. 10, 1954, the shantytown has gone, and people planted trees on there.
▷The day and night of the Busan tower 
 This is Yongdusan park. In the Yongdusan park, there are a bronze statue of Lee Soon-shin general, the 4.19 revolution tower, an octagon, and also you can see the highest tower in Nampo-dong. It is Busan tower which was founded in 1973. The height of this tower is 120m. If you come up the observation platform, you can see whole the Busan city and port. Especially we recommend the night view. It is very beautiful. Every year, ring out the old year by the Citizen's bell and greet the new year in Busan. The Busan citizen's bell was made by real citizen in Dec. 31, 1996.

Name of Yongdusan park
 Yongdusan Park is 25th's the local monument. Yongdusan was called 'Songhyunsan', because there were many pine trees. Songhyun means pine tree, but it changed to yongdu in 1898. Yongdu means dragon head in Korean. We call it Yongdu because it looks like dragon head.

Busan tower in Yongdusan park
- 08:30~22:00 April~September, 09:00~22:000 October~March

*Admission fee
- 3500won for adult, 3000won for youth, and 2500won for child

- Busan Jung-gu gwangbok-dong 2ga

- Yongdusan Park : 051-246-8153
- Busan tower : 051-245-1066, 5314


-Take subway line No. 1, and get off at Nampo-dong (Exit 1) Use the Gwangbok-dong escalator

-Take the bus no. 15, 40, 40-1, 58, 58-1, 58-2, 86, 126, 140 or 186 and get off the bus on Donggwang gukgyo station.

Some pictures of Yongdusan Park

▷ Beautiful flower clock, the statue of Lee Soon-shin, and Busan tower ▷ The map of Yongdusan park▷A part of octagon

▷ The road to Yongdusan park
This road is very beautiful and peaceful, so many couples and families come to here and walk.

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