20 November, 2007

Busan Modern History Museum

  Korea was a colony under Japan. We call it "Japan Imperialism." When Korea was governed by Japan, Korean lived with poverty and hardship. You can never imagine how much Korean went thought hard life and dangerous life.
At first, this building was built for plundering to Japan but after the emancipating from Japan, this building became the America Bureau of Public Information. However, most of Busan citizen claimed this building back so the America Bureau of Public Information was removed. Busan wanted citizen to know about their hard history so they decided to make Busan Modern History Museum. This museum includes ' Busan After 1876 Opening of port' ,' Exploitation of Busan by Japan' , 'Busan A Modern City', 'The Oriental Development Company 'and 'Korea-U.S. Relationship.'

Busan After 1876 Opening of Port

 After 1876 opening of the port of Busan, Japan plundered Korea's rice and a number of Japanese trade merchants started to sell their products in Korean market. Japan made a rule for protecting Japanese and trading freely. Japanese who accumulated a property in Korea deprived Korean 's property. Japan imperialism made Busan be a modern city for acting of invasion.

Exploitation of Busan by Japan

 Japan imperialism governed Busan executive. They also promoted to take over Korean rice and to sell Japanese goods economically. Moreover, to ready for war, Japan deprived goods and human labor force from Korean such as comfort women.

The Oriental Development Company

 The Oriental Development Company was a state policy company to penetrated Korean economy. The aim of the company was taking over the rice and protecting ruined Japanese . For these aims , ODC promoted farm management and settlement policy actively. Not only Korea, also Manchuria , Southeast Asia and South America was invaded. But most important source of income was Korean farm rent fee. Farmers who lived without living expenses struk against the despotism of the ODC.


*Opening Hours
- Mar. ~ Oct. / 09:00 ~ 18:00
- Nov. ~ Feb. / 09:00 ~ 17:00

- Jan. 1st and Mondays
(But, the following day if Monday is a national holiday)

*Admission Fee
- Free

- 42-2, 2Ga Daecheong-dong Jung-gu, Busan, Korea,

- 051)253-3845 ~ 6
FAX : 051)253-3320


- from Haeundae / No.40, 139, 140
- Seomyeon / No.17, 17-1, 35, 52-1, 81, 82, 85, 87,88,89,103
- Busan Station / No.40, 42, 59, 81, 140

- Line1 : get off Jungang-dong, Nampo-dong

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