21 November, 2007

The Bosu-dong Book Street

 After the 6.25 War, many people took shelter at Busan and many students studied at the schools even at the camp classes and air-open classes in Busan. At that time, it was very difficult that students and the intellectuals buy new books for study, so secondhand book stores were increased more and more. Later, the Bosu-dong book street was formed.

 The Bosu-dong book street has became the famous cultural place since 1960s. Some people sold their precious books when they needed some money because they were badly off. Others bought secondhand books cheaply at there. Especially, at the beginning of semester, the street was very crowded with students to buy or sell some books.
 These days, a number of bookstores which sell new books have took their places at the street because of economic growth. The bookstores of the street possesses many kinds of book and they offer books cheaply, so the present Bosu-dong book street which are popular among many people could be created.

*Bus - get off Bupyeong-dong, Bosu-dong No. 59, 60, 81
*Subway - get off gate 3 of Jagalchi station

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