25 November, 2007

[Eat]Meokja golmok ('Let's Eat' Alley)

▷ Meokja Golmok

 This is 'Let's Eat' alley. The alley is filled with lots of foods. It started 40years ago. If you get hungry because of shopping, you can eat many foods in this alley. There are many delicious foods such as Pajeon(panfried food), Kimbab(rice rolled in dried laver), Soondae(kind of sausage), spicy squid and so on. Let's eat!

*How to get there?
- Take subway no.1 and get off Nampo-dong(Exit 2) and it takes about 10minutes by walking.
▷ Waiting for Sundae

▷ Before Eating

▷ Wow~Delicious Foods!

▷ Map of the Meokja golmok ('Let's Eat' Alley)


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