25 November, 2007

[Eat]No.18 Wandang House

▷ The Entrance of Wandang House

☆ "No.18 Wandang House" was opened on 1948 and it is a famous restaurant of 60 years' tradition in Nampo-dong. A lots of mess media like magazine and TV reported this restaurant because the restaurant's foods are so good. People of all ages and both sexes are able to enjoy the plain and clean soup which could make them warm from cold winter.

▷ An Appetizing Wandang

▷ People Who Make Stuffed Buns

▷ Foreigners Who Enjoy Eating Wandang

"After eating one bowl of Wandang,

I feel that I have everything of the world."

▷ She is making stuffed buns very quickly

※ Wandang House Menu
Wandang : 4,000 won
Wandang + Thin noodle : 4,000 won
No.18 noodle : 4,000 won
Wandang Woodong : 4,000 won

※ Wandang Set
- Wandang+Fried bean curd sushi(3)+Laver sushi(2) : 6,000 won
Set2 - Wandang+A bowl of rice with beef : 6,000 won
Set3 - Wandang+Buckwheat tray+Fried bean curd sushi+Laver sushi : 10,000 won

※Opening Hours : 10:00~22:00(Always Open.)

※Address : 3Ga Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan

※TEL : 051-245-0018

▷ Map of No.18 Wandang House