23 November, 2007

Jagalchi Market

▷ The entrance of the Jagalchi Market
▷ A lot of Seafood

 Jagalchi Market is the biggest fish market in Southeast Asia. It is the place which you can feel joy and sorrow of the people. It is always crowded with the people who bargain over the prices and clamorous people with the humanity. Because of this reasons, it is the necessary for tourism, so many tourists come to attractive Jagalchi.
▷ Jagalchi Outdoor Stage

Jagalchi Festival

 The Jagalchi is situated in Busan which has a lot of beautiful seas with gifts of nature. Every October it is held the Jagalchi Festival under the slogan "come! see! buy!" It is the festival that people harmonize with fresh marine products. In the festival, you could eat famous marine products with very cheap prices and there are a lot of interesting programs that tourists are able to participate in and watch funny shows. We recommend you to come to Busan Jagalchi Festival and feel the humanity.

▷ Jagalchi Live Fish Center

Jagalchi Market Pride

 As Jagalchi market exhibits the live fishes, it makes people come to there, and you could see many crowded people who have variety features.

The source of name : Jagalchi means lots of pebbles. When a port was opened, there were a lot of pebbles, so it is called Jagalchi.

▷ Jagalchi "AZIME"

Jagalchi Slogan : Come! See! Buy!


- 37-1, 4ga Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea

- 051)245-2594~5 or 051)245-1467

- 051)245-1467

- http://www.jagalchimarket.org/

- Take subway line No.1, and get off at Jagalchi (Exit 6, 9, 10)

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